The links below were useful websites that I found while working at the University of Idaho. As I start working more on my PhD, I will provide links that I find useful for my current work.

Snail Links

The first three websites can give some background information on snails.

The Living World of Molluscs; Snail World; All About Snails for Kids

The next website has tons of information on the snails I study with references to great papers and a comprehensive list of species.

Galapagos Snails

Galapagos Links

The websites below give information on the Galapagos Islands.

Galapagos National Park; Charles Darwin Foundation; Galapagos Conservation Trust; UNESCO World Heritage Centre; General Galapagos Information

People in the Parent Lab

Christine Parent, my advisor; Parent Lab, our lab website; Andy Kraemer, NSF postdoc; Katie Peterson; Mason Linscott; John Kaiser